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  2. INFORMATION HANDLING: This website, The Modern Living Peace Train (TM), adheres to a strict privacy policy and does not sell or provide user information to third parties.

  3. SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING: Secure and trusted third-party payment vendors, such as PayPal, are responsible for processing payments made through this website. Transaction receipts are provided immediately upon completion.

  4. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: For technical support, users may contact us via email or by calling joiner services directly.

  5. SUBSCRIPTION CANCELLATION: Subscribers have the right to cancel their subscription at any time. The nominal joiner fee for The Modern Living Peace Train (TM) is non-refundable unless an error occurs, in which case the disputing party should contact the webmaster for resolution.

  6. JOINER RESPONSIBILITIES: Joiners, those who pay the joiner fee and make an optional pledge, contribute to The Modern Living Peace Train's goals of raising awareness on current issues. Joiner fees support website facilitation and relevant information promotion, compensating the administrator for services rendered, including COPYRIGHT, design, research, marketing, promotion, accounting, and legal TIME AND LABOR.

  7. COPYRIGHT AND PROPERTY RIGHTS: The administrator reserves all rights to copyrighted materials and property of JPEnterprises. Protected materials of other parties are duly cited, and any errors should be reported for clarification or removal.

  8. LINKS AND REMOVAL REQUESTS: Some links are provided as a promotional courtesy and may be removed upon request. Users are encouraged to report any issues for prompt resolution.


  10. Donation: Any asset, including monetary amounts, gifted electronically through the website or otherwise.

  11. Donor: A natural or legal person making a Donation to The Modern Living Peace Train.

  12. Goal: The commitment to raise sustainability awareness and build an online global social force for good.

  13. The Modern Living Peace Train: An independently owned enterprise operating in Iowa, USA, and Honolulu, HI.


  15. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every Donation, and by making a Donation, the Donor agrees to abide by them.

  16. By making a Donation, a Donor agrees:

  17. That The Modern Living Peace Train and any future subsidiaries or affiliates may use the Donation at their discretion within the scope of the Goal.

  18. That Donations are irrevocable.

  19. To the cancellation of recurring donations upon request through the website.

  20. The Modern Living Peace Train will provide a donation certificate upon request.

  21. DONATION USAGE: Donations are utilized to advance causes related to Climate Refugees, Water Pollution, Sustainable Farming, Clean Water, and Global Warming, aligning with the organization's mission.

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