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Riding The Wave of Change

Commonly said, nothing lasts forever, but in the case of the nonstop Human saga of mass graves and killing fields, this has not been the case. The brutal truth of climate change has brought numerous species to the edge of extinction, riding on the curtails of human pollution and an endless appetite for meat, cars, and money. The human race sees the impact of the burning of fossil fuels at every corner of the globe. Humans and their ancestors have walked the Earth for nearly 6 million years. In less than 6,000 years, our civilization has managed to transform the Earth faster than at any point in history. Humans have so mercilessly hunted animals and destroyed their natural habitats; This reality boggles the mind. With this grotesque perspective of Human negligence, it is not difficult to see how our species manages to default to the same brutality against ourselves in the name of religion, hierarchy, and ego. Not surprising then shall the ominous nature of our habitats reveal itself so clearly as it does in the modern world existentially the world over. The Human race must take immediate action to restore balance to our precious planet or face the dire consequences.

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