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RED: Is a color often associated with passion and hunger. It has the power of attraction and is welcoming. Often used in restaurants; it's a welcoming color and is inviting

We look to shades of BLUE to balance RED. It is the #1 Root or base within the CHAKRA system. When out of balance problems with physical body support occurs.


The Red Root Chakra impacts the Legs, Bones, Feet, Rectum, and Immune System. 

Physical security; Providing for life necessities,


Standing up for self; Feeling at home; and Social order. 

When this Chakra or color is out of balance we feel Lower back pain; Sciatica; Varicose veins; rectal tumors/cancer; depression, and immune disorders. 

In Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, a complementary medical method of treating disease with color exists in rooms, with light, and in food. 

One looks to the color RED as a Prime Function surrounding the main issues for GROUNDING and SECURITY, SURVIVAL, Primal Energy, and Taking care of self and others. RED stands for SIMPLICITY and BASICS. STABILITY, Self Preservation, Awakening, and Primal Instincts.

RED represents one's sense of smell, and it's Physical Properties include ANXIETY, Dyslexia, and Grounding in the Physical plane. 

The color RED is linked to the Adrenal glands and the Anatomical Connections include the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, and SEX: Reproductive parts, Pelvis, Legs, Feet, and Tailbone. 

Emotional Connections include PHYSICAL NEEDS: Base Needs of Safety and Security, Being Grounded, and Behaviors of SEXUALITY and FEAR.

RED is represented by the planet Saturn and the element of Earth. In Aromatherapy, TO BALANCE: Look to Cinnamon a companion and is associated with the metal Lead. Its sound is O and Protein is its complimentary food. Also accompanying this color is Shiva, Cedar, Myrrh, Hematite, and Bloodstone.  



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